Maman, notre histoire.

I never thought I was going to tell so soon about our story but when Merci Maman proposed to me to do this collaboration, I thought it was the good moment to share our story. The blog is also here to be personal and to share our experiences. I know I can write an entire book about my life as I moved to several cities and lived many great experiences but I will try to “summarize” the story of my mom & I.

My mother accidentally had me when she just turned 16 in Brazil. She decided to assume with my grandma in the same time studying her diplomas to maybe be a lawyer. She always did her diplomas with success and today she is a french lawyer in France.

When I was 8 years old, she was 24 which is almost my age now. We moved to France because my grandma got a proposition to do her PHD in law in Strasbourg  (yaas my grandma, my uncle and my mom are lawyers and Doctor in Law ^^)

What I want to say is I totally respect all choices about abortion BUT this story shows that everything is POSSIBLE. Of course, our family gave all the support & love and I know not many people has this chance. 

About my dad… Well, it is a story to still keep. I was going to do an article about it but life turned another way. I never spoke to him until 1 month ago for the first time. ( yaas 25 years later… )

Below, you will see some personal pictures through time and our collaboration with “Merci Maman”. I am very happy to do a collaboration with them specially when they just got Queen Elizabeth II of England that has awarded “Merci Maman” & its pretty hand-engraved jewelery the prestigious “Queen’s Awards for Enterprise 2017” in the category International Trade.

Merci Maman really deserve this title as their jewelry are very good quality and even the Duchess of Cambridge loves them ! You can personalize and choose different style for you or your mother. In some jewelries, you can be very simple and not show that your mom’s name is written. We decided to choose this “Personalised Intertwined Chain Bracelet”  and “Personalised Intertwined Necklace” both in gold with the names of my mother, step dad, little bro and I and ” with love, forever “






9 Commentaires

  1. 15 mai 2017 / 20 h 12 min

    une très belle et touchante série de photos !!!
    Félicitations à vous 2 et au photographe

  2. Irina
    16 mai 2017 / 18 h 09 min

    Aaaaaw You are so cute!!!!!

  3. 22 juin 2017 / 14 h 37 min

    You look like sisters and you’re both so beautiful! A mom is like a best friend… I’ll be on holiday in 2 weeks only with my mom. So happy to spend some nice time with her. Have a great day!
    xx Caterina

  4. 22 juin 2017 / 17 h 30 min


    C’est une très belle histoire, et qui j’ai le sentiment, se finit bien.
    Vous êtes très jolies toutes les 2 !


  5. 14 novembre 2017 / 23 h 13 min

    Coucou ! Votre histoire et vos photos sont très touchantes, et on sent que vous êtes proches ! 🙂 Vous vous ressemblez beaucoup ! Gros bisous !

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