Simple Things

Good morning folks !

Monday mornings are often quite difficult due to the fact we say to ourselves the week will be quite long…. But this week, for me it will be shorter than other weeks because tomorrow in France, it will be National Day so I will have a day off at work! ( yay ! ) However, we must think about all the amazing things we have and enjoy everyday life.

Today’s post is about the simple things that we have as for me family jewlery or little gifts we receive from the people we love. For example, I have from my boyfriend this beautiful necklace showing « Infinity » & earrings from Swarovski. It was a simple gift that means a lot when he gives his love. The ring is from my great grand ma who gave to my grand ma and then to me. This heritage is so meaningful because you have the impression the generation continues. But the bracelets are from an amazing brazilian artisan made with gold paper which he twisted.




Earrings & Necklace: Swarovski

Ring & Bracelet: Family gift

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