Maman, notre histoire.

I never thought I was going to tell so soon our story but when Merci Maman proposed to me to do this collaboration, I thought it was the good moment to share our story. The blog is also here to be personal and to share our experiences. I know I can write an entire book about my life as I moved to several cities and lived many great experiences but I will try to “summarize”.

Le début de mon rêve

Dans cet article, je vous révèle mes débuts dans le blogging mais aussi mon ambition de continuer.Je sentais que c’était le moment de discuter un peu avec vous. Il est vrai que je n’ouvre pas souvent mes sentiments ou les choses personnelles sur le blog. Mais parfois, il est bon de partager avec vous nos succès ou nos échecs .

Hello 2017 !

Bye bye 2016 ! What an amazing year ! We all achieved many great things in 2016 even if many political issues the world has faced. I truly hope you had a great year and will continue to smile for 2017 ! I personally achieved many things such as: obtaining my diploma, changed the design of the blog for upcoming projects, gained confidence & learned many life lessons to continue to grow better.