Looking for the perfect pancake recipe? You just found it ! I tried this recipe last Sunday and I loved it ! I wanted to share with you this homemade banana pancakes recipe that’s very easy to make ! You can see that the pancakes make little bubbles when it’s cooking as the real pancakes. I decided to add up some fruits such as banana & red fruits (blackberries & raspberries ) with natural honey.

” Nutella Tiramisu Recipe ” made by my boyfriend

I was waiting a long time before sharing with you the best tiramisu recipe in the world ! It is actually my boyfriend recipe and of course I asked him so I can share with you ! Follow the easy steps below : Ingredients: 3 eggs 250g mascarpone 100g sugar 1-2 packets ladyfingers Pure Cocoa Bitter  A pinch of salt Nutella A glass dish Separate white eggs from ...

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#FOOD: Favourite Summer Smoothie

Happy sunday cuties ! Today's post is about one of my favourite summer smothie made with blueberries, strawberries & bananas! It is a very refreshing & delicious smoothie to drink but also low fat! It helps you to get very full without taking too much calories. Also, these three fruits contain lots of good nutrients (check ...