Yesss ! I am moving (again! ) ... I think I am the only one in this world who moves so many times in a so short period of time... In less than 2 years, we moved 4 times... Don't worry, it is for understandable reasons! But this time, we will stay at least 2/3 years in our new apartment. And what I love about this new apartment is that ...

Monday Inspiration: Heidi Lerkenfeldt

    Heidi Lerkenfeldt is an amazing Danish photographer and gives us amazing design photos. This is the type of design I would like in my home ! Check out below few of her work:   Credits: Heidi Lerkenfeldt The Classic V 

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#TIPS: How To Organize Your Dressing?

Hello Everyone ! Today's post is about " How To Organize your Dressing" !I personally think it is one of the most important things to do when you are a fashion addict as Carrie Bradshaw! Here are my tips to organize the best your dressing: 1) Take off all your clothes off your dressing ! That way, you could see more easily how you will organize. 2) Sort of each type of clothing: shirt ...


  Good Morning Everyone ! Today, I was inspired by these beautiful ideas for decorating an apartment ! White walls with grey/black items are the best for a simple and clear theme. You can add some colorful things but not too much to keep it chic. What I love the most are the black bold frames, you can put black/white pictures or colorful ones. Enjoy your day, The Classic V  Source: Pinterest