Top 5: Homemade recipes to fight against acne

Of course, good skin is always the result of a routine cleaning and exfoliation, but that does not mean it only comes on products bought in pharmacies … Some of the best acne fighters are right there in your home and you do not even know. Who has problems with the skin will love the tip today! Brought to you some items that can help fight against your problem and are super easy! Check out …



Aspirin : Because it contains salicylic acid , aspirin is great to help fight acne . Write an exfoliating mask ” crumbling ” 5-7 aspirins in a glass of water , creating a folder . Add a teaspoon of organic honey. Mix ingredients , spread on your face and leave it for 15 minutes.

Milk : This is something we all have in the fridge.  Mix 1 cup and a half of brown sugar , 3 tablespoons of milk and a teaspoon of organic honey. Scrub for a few minutes . Milk fat will help to moisturize your face , while the lactic acid will help to gently undo the dead skin cells that can clog pores .

Oatmeal : Contains natural exfoliating and soothing properties , making it a mask first . To contain astringent effects , oats works to cleanse the pores and soothe the skin . Mix 3 /4 cup of oatmeal ( wild type ) and bring it to a boil with one cup of water . Cook for 1-2 minutes , let cool and spread it on your face for 10-20 minutes.

Toothpaste : The toothpaste also works as a product against acne because it has sulfur. But there are some tips to keep in mind : only use it in place of treatment (over the acne / pimple ) to avoid irritation and not use toothpastes that serve to whiten or prevent tartar . These contain ingredients that may cause irritation and redness , especially for those with sensitive skin.

Ibuprofen : in the form of liquid gel is great when you feel a pimple coming. Just open the capsule in the middle and drip the liquid in the area . This allows the anti-inflammatory benefits of ibuprofen serves to soothe irritation and redness .

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