#LIFESTYLE: 5 Ways To Relax At Home

Dear readers,

Today, I decided to do an article about the different ways we can relax at home. Last week end, I went at my parent’s countryside house with my boyfriend to take some time for me. Here are the 5 ways I advice you to relax at your own home:

– Wear comfy clothes: Nothing is more comfortable than wearing comfy clothes at home. I love to wear large tops and shorts/joggings to feel not pressure by anything.

– Drink a lot of water/tea: Your body needs to be hydrated and it will help your skin to not be too dry.

– Listen to calm music: Sea/nature music are the best to relax at home. You can also listen to any other calm songs that you like.

– Easy exercices: Sometimes is good to stretch your body and do some pilates moves in order relax your muscles.

– Take time for yourself: Yes ! TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! During the everyday routine, it’s difficult to take time for ourself so when you have a bit of time you should do what you like like doing your nails or a facial mask.






TOP: Zara


Hope all these advices help you !

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  1. 31 août 2015 / 18 h 06 min

    Les photos sont magnifique !!! Très joli Kimono

  2. 12 septembre 2015 / 21 h 28 min

    Wonderful tips!
    Great blog by the way, following you on FB now!

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